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Use the Buddy System

We all need a buddy sometimes—especially when we’re on an adventure. Whether your swimming, climbing, hiking, biking, boating or doing any recreational activity that could involve some risk, it’s better to take along a buddy. In this way, you can be assured of a helping hand if you get stuck in an awkward or risky situation.

If you’re undertaking a special challenge for the 10th Anniversary of Freedom’s Frontier, a buddy can help make it more fun and can keep you accountable. Whether you’re going to visit every historical society museum in the heritage area, walk through the door of every historical house, or just walk 100 miles, having a buddy to join in your challenge not only makes it more fun, it makes you more likely to complete the goal you set for yourself.

And besides, you’ll need a buddy to take a great picture of you as you #FindYourPark!

Just two buddies exploring!

Just two buddies exploring!


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