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Spread the Love—Thank a Volunteer

We love our volunteers! No matter where volunteers are helping out in the heritage area, they are a very important key to making it work. Throughout the heritage area, volunteers are on duty ready to help you get the best experience. From the person at the visitor center who recommended a great place to eat to the guide who gave you a great tour of the historic site to the gift shop attendant who helped you pick out the perfect souvenier, it’s likely that a volunteer helped you have a great visit.

The power of volunteers in Freedom’s Frontier cannot be overstated. Our board of trustees and partners all volunteer to help make the heritage area great. Many of our best historic sites are powered entirely by volunteers while others rely on them to keep the doors open.


Topeka West JROTC gives it their all during a Park Day clean-up to help with building demo at the Black Jack Battlefield & Nature Park. Image: KQ

So next time you take a trip in the heritage area, thank a volunteer! And perhaps find out how you can help out to make someone else’s visit spectacular.


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