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See the Starry Starry Night

Dark skies—and efforts made to lessen the impact of light pollution—fascinate me. It doesn’t matter that I can only identify Orion and the Big Dipper, despite the best efforts of my college astronomy professor, I love getting out of the city and seeing the Milky Way. Truth be told, if I could choose one magical gizmo from the world of Harry Potter, it would be a deluminator.

During the Perseid meteor shower, we got up in the middle of the night and set out in search of a darker sky. We had to drive out of the city about 20 miles to be able to get a good look at the stars. While much of the heritage area is bathed in lights, there are still some places to get away. You can head out on your own or visit Powell Observatory in Miami County, Kansas, for a Saturday evening program.

Maps at helps you locate places with good views of the starry starry sky.

Maps at helps you locate places with good views of the starry starry sky.

The National Park Service protects some of the last remaining dark places in the United States and has a webpage where you can learn more about the night sky. You can also make it your 10th anniversary challenge to get educated on how you can make a difference and protect night skies. You won’t even need a deluminator.



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