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See History from a Different Perspective

The story of the John Wornall House can be told from many different perspectives.

The story of the John Wornall House can be told from many different perspectives.

At Freedom’s Frontier, we’re all about seeing history from a different perspective. It’s so important to us, we put it in our mission statement. There aren’t just two sides to the story we tell, there are many different perspectives. We strive to respect these perspectives and to give them a voice within the heritage area so we can help people have a fuller understanding of our area and it’s significant history.

The next time you visit a historic site, read a wayside interpretive panel, watch a history-based documentary, read a book about history, or visit a museum, open yourself to seeing history from a different perspective. Ask yourself questions that help you reflect on the experience of everyone who participated in the story. For example: How did slaves help build, maintain and operate the Wornall House? What did Native American children experience at Shawnee Indian Mission? How did their parents feel about sending their children there? Who helped construct the railroad and depot at Great Overland Station? What was it like to be Ellen Goodnow, alone on the frontier while her husband Isaac was raising money in New England for the new settlement of Manhattan?

The National Park Service is working hard to ensure that different perspectives are represented in National Park Service units and on the National Register of Historic Places, as well. To learn more about their initiatives, check out the Heritage and History Initiatives of the National Historic Landmarks program.


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