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Even as I gracefully age (so I tell myself), I seldom feel that being outdoors in the Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area breathing in the fresh air, listening to the chorus of birds, frogs and crickets is a waste of time.  Time, something we all have too little of.  Where does the time go?  How am I this old already?  My four boys were just starting kindergarten yesterday, right?  Wrong.

As we age, we begin to realize the knees and backs which we were given at birth don’t seem to be functioning as smoothly as they once did.  Well, heck, for some of us, me included, even our minds aren’t as sharp as a tack any longer. (for those of you under the age of oh, let’s say 40, go ahead and laugh…your time’s coming!)


My thoughts exactly! – KQ

In our modern world of virtual reality this, smart phone that, hash tag hash tag hash tag, we must never lose sight of the value there is in our natural environment.  As for my family, we partake in many outdoor activities.  One of our family favorites has been 3-D archery. Hiking across the hills, valleys and rugged terrain in the great outdoors is not only enjoyable as you are focused on hitting your targets and sharpening your skills, but the workout you get is satisfying in and of itself.

Over and over again we are encouraged to “get out and hike” but what about those of us that are not able to do so?  Not everyone is able to slip on their favorite pair of Merrells, grab a bottle of water and a backpack to make their way to their favorite nature preserve or prairie restoration area. Even though I don’t own a treadmill (I own a dusty elliptical), many of you do own proper exercise equipment, a stationery bicycle perhaps.  Did you know there are virtual DVD walks or bike rides you can take through a forest, along a beach and even the lavender fields of France?  Perhaps someday you may be able to have a virtual DVD bike ride or hike through Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area.  We sure hope so.

No matter what your skill level or interests are, these are the types of activities that rest our brains a little bit.  We are taken away from the daily panic that we feel in order to accomplish so much with so little time.  The time that seems to slip through our fingertips that eventually plops us down in front of our own personal reality show where we ask ourselves, where did the time go?  How am I this old already?  My four boys just started kindergarten yesterday, right? Wrong.

Take time on the treadmill of life…..get some exercise, exhale and enjoy nature.



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