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Renew Your Spirit

Everybody gets the blues from time to time. The stresses of our daily lives get us out of sorts and we need to step back, clear out the cobwebs, and take some time out to renew our spirits. Below are some suggestions for ways to #FindYourPark while you rejuvenate, along with a recap of some of our other 9 and 99 posts.

Exercise — Those of us who sit behind a compute all day may not get enough exercise. Get up. Get moving, and see if your outlook doesn’t improve. Do some yoga in a park. Check out our 9 and 99 blog posts that suggest places to Be an Urban Hiker, Go Biking, Wander an American Battlefield, or Go Climbing! or the one with ways to Improve Your Health – Get a Park Rx. Physical activity can brighten your mood.

Make sure you get enough water — and not just the water that you drink. Being near water has been proven to increase people’s feelings of well being. Where is your favorite “blue space”? Relax on the Banks of a Scenic River, Paddle a Water Trail, See the Sea, Feel the Sand Between Your Toes, or Come Sail Away.

Immerse yourself in nature. Enjoy a green space. They also can increase your feelings of well-being. So, get out and Go Green. Hug a Tree, Learn About Climate Change, Experience Silence, Find Life in a Desert, Stand on a Mountaintop, Explore a Cave, Bee Pollinator Friendly, Go Fish, Learn about Endangered Species, or Be Bear Aware. Seeing wide open spaces, and the plants and animals we share the planet with can change our perspective.

Socialize — whether you Make New Friends, Take a Picnic and Dine Al Fresco, Join a Trail Clean-up, Go on a Ranger-Led Tour or Bring a Kid to a Park, getting out and being with other people can give you a new outlook. Mail a Postcard to someone you haven’t seen for awhile and catch up to renew a friendship.

Give your brain a workout — get involved in something creative. Journal, or make art, take photos, read in a park. Stroll through a museum. Play, Hit Record, Dance, Write Poetry, or Share Your Story.

Whatever you choose to do, find a way to laugh, and take yourself less seriously. None of us will ever achieve that perfect work-life balance, or perfect happiness. But we can find ways to cope with frustrations and get motivated again once we’ve recharged.

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Photo Courtesy KQ: Black Jack Battlefield and Nature Park


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