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Raft Down a River

raftFreedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area has the fortune to have two of America’s largest rivers running through it! This provides us with tremendous opportunities for outdoor fun. One of the more popular activities for water sportspeople is rafting. The joy of paddling down river and seeing the beauty of Kansas and Missouri has been loved and recorded since Lewis and Clark made their famous expedition through the region. Why not find out what everyone has been talking about?

Freedom’s Frontier features organizations and clubs that take care of and enjoy the aquatic resources of our area. Friends of the Kaw and Friends of the Missouri River are just two examples. These people work to preserve and protect the waters of this Heritage Area for our and future generations to enjoy. So, if you are looking to get involved or for people who are as enthusiastic about boating and rafting as you are, check them out!

For those who are curious about how and where to rent or borrow equipment, we have an answer. Check out the Heritage Traveler post “Paddle a Water Trail” for more information on how to find the right gear for your water adventure.

Soon enough, it will be cold. With the rivers freezing up, it might be difficult to fully enjoy a rafting experience! So get out there and raft down a river before it is too late!


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