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How did that old country song go? “I’ve got some ocean-front property on the Missouri/Kansas border?” Is that not quite right? No matter. While we don’t have any of the National Park Service’s ocean or coastal parks in Freedom’s Frontier, we are stewards of some “future ocean” resources in the form of our river basins.

Take some time to learn how we make sure the sea is still a beautiful sight to see when we travel outside Freedom’s Frontier to the coast. Check out the online “Know Your Watershed” resource from Mid America Regional Council to learn how to improve water quality, both here at home and for our neighbors downstream. Learn how the National Park Service is working to manage and protect the ocean and coastal resources within the NPS system.

Download the NPS Junior Ranger Underwater Explorer activity guide to use with your children or grandchildren. Or just take a look at it for yourself—it’s quite fun and informative! Challenge yourself and your family to institute the suggestions below from the Junior Ranger booklet to help protect our water resources.

12 Things You Can Do at Home & School to Save Water by Jill Heinerty
from the Junior Ranger Underwater Explorer booklet

  1. Use a refillable water bottle for drinking.
  2. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.
  3. Use your bathroom towel more than once after your shower.
  4. Eat less meat.
  5. Drink tap water if it is safe in your area.
  6. Recycle or reuse glass, plastic, and aluminum.
  7. Donate your toys and clothes.
  8. Use less paper at home and at school. Remember to write and print on both sides of each piece.
  9. Report leaking faucets and toilets to teachers at school.
  10. Put up posters to remind other students to turn off faucets in the bathroom.
  11. Learn how to read a water meter to see how much water is used each week at your school or home. (Or check out your monthly water bill!)
  12. Ask your teacher to help locate and learn more about
    The Big Blue River in Manhattan, Kansas.

    The Big Blue River in Manhattan, Kansas.

    your local watershed.


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