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There is always something new to learn about Freedom’s Frontier. I’ve been working with the heritage area for over seven years and I’m still uncovering new stories and connections. No matter where you live in Freedom’s Frontier or how much you know about history, there is always a new story or connection to uncover.

One great way to start your exploration of nearby history, is to use our interactive map to locate museums, historic sites and interpretive signs that are close to you. You can also email us to request a Freedom’s Frontier printed map and become a Heritage Traveler Insider to get suggestions for planning your explorations.

One of the best ways to discover history around you is to strike up a conversation with the volunteer or staff who are working at the historic sites and museums you visit. There is only so much you can put on an interpretive panel or fit into an hour-long tour. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if something sparks your interest or you want to know more. Even if you stump your tour guide, they can help you figure out where to turn to learn more about a given topic.

And finally, if you aren’t a member of a local historical organization, what are you waiting for? Local historical societies and organizations often provide special deals for their members, send newsletters with stories about the area’s history, and host special speakers at meetings. Joining a historical society or organization is a great way to support a nearby museum or historic site and discover history around you.

Sleuth out local history like Franklin County Historical Society director Deborah Barker.

Sleuth out local history like Franklin County Historical Society director Deborah Barker.


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