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Share a #tbt Park Photo

Every Thursday you see them popping up on social media….the #tbt. What does this mean, you wonder? Throwback Thursday! It’s fun to see pictures from yesterday so you can compare them to today, or relive a great memory from another time. Our historic sites, parks, and museums serve as a great backdrop for photos, so I am sure you have some great photos tucked away taken at one of our sites. You may be surprised how far you’ve come, or the site, or who you may see in the photos! Take for example this #TBT from the Arabia Steamboat Museum (they do a great job posting #tbts!)  of former Arabia preservationist, Lynn Ward, preparing Lawrence the mule’s bridle to go in the freeze-dryer, c. 1993. Now Lynn can be found working as curator at another one of our partner sites, the Territorial Capital Museum in Lecompton, Kansas!


Taken from the Arabia Steamboat Museum Facebook page

So start digging through your photos and find some to post for #TBT. We’d love to see!


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