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The Water Resources Division of the National Park Service works to make sure current and future generations can continue to experience the aquatic ecosystems of the Park Service. What an important role! We all love to get out on the water, whether it be boating, swimming, tubing, or maybe just lounging next to the water. Without those who are dedicated to preserving our water, where would we learn to canoe or kayak?

Here in Freedom’s Frontier, we have several bodies of water that we are able to enjoy. We are able to take our Youth Camp students out on the water thanks to the hard work of the Friends of the Kaw. These “water- focused friends group” have been the only “grassroots conservation group dedicated to protecting the Kaw.” Not only do they help advocate for the water quality and wildlife of the water, but educate individuals about negative impacts to the water quality and of course, encourage recreational use!


Friends of the Kaw educating our Youth Camp students

This group has worked with our Youth Camps for the last several years. They work with our students, some who have never been out on the water before, and educate them on safety, then spend their time canoeing and kayaking with the students. It’s a great experience, one that the students will remember, as well as the staff. The students leave with an understanding of the importance of water quality, as well as how important it is to cooperate as a team when out on the water. Interested in getting involved? Sign up to be a member, or one of their float trips!


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