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Today it seems like everyone is on Social Media. Gone are the days of looking up in a phone book a phone number for a place you may want to go, it’s all on their website, or even their Facebook page. It’s a great chance to keep up to date with your family, friends, and even your favorite historic sites and museums! The National Park Service has a great Facebook page, and they also run a Twitter page. You can stay up to date on NPS initiatives and big news, like their current initiative about 99 ways to find your park, which we are helping you achieve!

Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area also runs a lot of social media. Did you know we have a Facebook page? We share all kinds of great information; including when our partners are holding special events, or when we come across a great piece of trivia that we want to share with our followers. We’d love to have you “like” us and stay up to date with the Heritage Area happenings! You may find a site you’ve never visited before, or a special event you’d love to check out! Freedom’s Frontier also manages a Twitter page, where we “retweet” useful information for our visitors and followers, including things we pick up from conferences we may be attending! We are also using Twitter to share these blog posts!

facebook-logoWe also manage a Pinterest page, where we repost cool internet finds that may be helpful for our partner sites, and neat things for our followers, for example, ever want to learn to make a Civil War era “Golden Spice Cake?” it’s pinned on our Pinterest page, so go check it out!

Social media can be a fun and useful tool to keep in contact and up to date with family, friends, and of course, your favorite National Heritage Area!


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