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Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area has a number of themes. The central theme is the Missouri-Kansas Border War and the Civil War battles fought in these two states. You can find Civil War commemorative monuments in both states, as well as a variety of other kinds of markers of places, such as trail markers where the Santa Fe and other trails passed through here.

This database of Kansas Civil War Memorials and Monuments is searchable by town, county, or by clicking on the county on a map of the state. It has photos and descriptions of monuments such as these in Linn County, Kansas, including one for  for the Battle of Mine Creek, near Pleasanton, Kansas.

The Historical Marker Database is searchable by category, state and country, and has links to markers around the world. There is information about markers on both sides of our state line, including this list of Missouri’s Civil War Markers that includes the Burnt District Monument in Harrisonville, Missouri.

This searchable database of National Park Service monuments will bring up 12 locations in the United States to find markers that commemorate Missouri and Kansas Civil War Soldiers, and troops positions in battles if you choose to search by state and select both Kansas and Missouri.

You can also find markers at many of the Places to See listed on the Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area Web site.

Find a monument online and then go check it out in person. Take a daytrip or longer excursion to a site of your choosing and decode it — learn what happened in that placed that shaped its future, and impacted the people who lived there, then and now.


Marker for the junction of the Santa Fe, California and Oregon trails near Gardner, Kansas


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