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There is a reason that we call the things we do for fun recreation. Play is essential to human well-being. It helps us reconnect with our creative side, relieves stress, improves our mood, and keeps us centered, while we recreate the feelings that we experienced in childhood play.

Find a way to play in Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area, whether it’s walking or hiking along a river bank or trail, biking, or doing hands-on activities such as the Johnson County Museum’s Kidscape exhibit developed for ages 3-9, or participating in Historic Lecompton‘s play about early Kansas and Missouri politics.

For puzzles and games, visit the National Park Service’s Webrangers. Kids of all ages who love national parks, monuments and historic sites will enjoy a variety of activities, including thought-provoking questions of the week. Customize your Ranger Station, earn rewards, and track your progress.

Play with toys. Visit the Legos ideas page and show your support for Legos park vignettes celebrating the National Park Services 100th birthday in 20116. Ideas shown depict Florida’s Everglades National Park which protects the world renowned wetland ecosystem that is home to an amazing variety of plants and animals; Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska, home to thousands of giant Brown Bears that feed on salmon at the mouth of the Brooks River; and Saguaro National Park in Arizona, which preserves a portion of the beautiful Sonoran Desert, home to the iconic, and giant, saguaro cactus.

Kids recreate building a mud fort. Courtesy of Visit Lawrence

Visit Lawrence photo: kids building a mud fort


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