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Use a National Park Lesson Plan

Did you know the National Park Service offers free access to lesson plans online? As a teacher here in Kansas and Missouri, you could use these lesson plans to discuss themes and topics related to our history based at other National Parks, like the story of John Brown’s Raid on Harpers Ferry at Harper’s Ferry National Historical Park. This lesson plan even talks about Brown’s time here in Kansas. Each lesson plan is aligned with the state standards. See what you can use from one lesson plan and align to the standards here in Kansas and Missouri.

Or, use one of the National Park sites here in the 41 counties of Freedom’s Frontier.Fort Scott National Historic Site has a great lesson plan entitled “Bleeding Kansas- Sparks of War”  and  asks the questions, “Why was Bleeding Kansas important to the history of the US? What is popular sovereignty and what is its importance with American government?” You could follow up your lesson plan with a field trip out to see Fort Scott National Historic Site.


NPS Photo of Fort Scott National Historic Site

Another site within our Heritage Area is Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site in Topeka, KS. They also have a lesson plan you can find online! Their “Fair is Fair” lesson plan looks at ways to treat others fairly. Use these lesson plans on their own, or pair them with a trip to visit one of the sites.


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