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The sites within the Heritage Area can be so inspiring; the natural beauty of sites like Mount Mitchell Heritage Prairie or the inspirational story that can be found at sites like Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site or the Historic Ritchie House in Topeka, KS. Take some time to let our sites inspire you. When you feel inspired, share what a park is to you and how you “found” your park in whatever way you think best and upload it here.

youth camp art

We encourage our Youth Camp to express through art what they learned during their week at camp, visiting various sites within the Heritage Area and learning about the story from Civil War to Civil Rights. It’s amazing to see how artistic and creative the students can get and how much the stories of the Heritage Area touched them. Now you try! Be creative! Channel your creative side and write a song, or take a photo! Ever try to write a poem? Maybe you’re inspired by the sounds of the Victrola at Shawnee Town 1929 and want to video yourself dancing! Go for it! Let our sites speak to you then share!


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