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Recognize Women Who Made History

The stories of Freedom’s Frontier include the struggles for gender equality.Throughout the sites of the region, you will find stories of significant women; women who influenced history and helped fight for the rights women have today. In mid 19th century America, women were standing up for their own rights while simultaneously fighting for the rights of other and the end of slavery. The movement continued to grow after the first women’s rights convention in Seneca Falls, New York in July of 1848.

Here in Kansas, the influence of the northern women’s rights movement was becoming clear. Clarina Nichols, a woman from Vermont, traveled to Kansas after joining the New England Emigrant Aid Society. She settled with her family in southern Douglas County, outside Lawrence, Kansas. Although Nichols became involved in the temperance and abolition movements, she was also very active in the women’s rights movement. Later, she settled in Wyandotte County, where she began working for the abolitionist newspaper the Quindaro Chindowan. You can find more information on the Chindowan here. She spent her years in Kansas speaking on women’s rights, even influencing the Wyandotte Constitution in 1859 to include mention of women’s rights. It is said because of her efforts women were granted the right to participate in school district elections and to own property in Kansas.

Clarina Nichols

You can learn more about Clarina and her work at several of the sites here within Freedom’s Frontier including the Wyandotte County History Museum.


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