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If you’ve been enjoying our “Party Like We’re 9 and 99” series of blogs, consider becoming a Heritage Traveler Insider, to keep the good suggestions and information flowing straight to your inbox every month. Our Heritage Traveler Insiders receive the inside information about historic sites and museums to visit and unique suggestions for being a heritage tourist. Better yet, Heritage Traveler Insiders get exclusive deals and coupons they can use to continue their exploration of Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area.

Heritage Traveler Insiders also provide an important source of support for Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area’s operations. Our work to promote, preserve and interpret the shared history of eastern Kansas and western Missouri depends on the investment of individuals, foundations, organizations and state and local governments. While Freedom’s Frontier is supported through federal funding, we must match those funds with investment here at home. Your tax-deductible donations are vital to the sustainability of Freedom’s Frontier.

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Visit us at to become a Heritage Traveler!

Visit us at to become a Heritage Traveler!


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