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Visiting our American Battlefields can help us to understand the past and what those who came before us endured to provide us the freedoms we enjoy today. Freedom’s Frontier is home to several Civil War era battlefields. During the 1850’s, the nation turned its attention to Missouri and Kansas, where people with different definitions of freedom collided, inciting and fueling the Civil War.

From this country’s infancy, many disagreed about slavery and other cultural and economic issues. These struggles emerged, not on April 12, 1861 with the first shots of the Civil War, but in the 1850s on the border between Missouri and Kansas Territory. The debate over the expansion of slavery  into Kansas Territory soon turned bloody as revenge, retribution and retaliation fueled and extended the Border War, a firestorm that prefaced the Civil War. People were divided.

Brown and Brockett

“Brown & Brockett” from the Battle of Black Jack.  Kerry Altenbernd, President, Black Jack Battlefield Trust raised in Douglas County, KS. Jeff Quigley, Volunteer Site Manager and board member, Black Jack Battlefield Trust, raised in Lafayette County, MO make for an exciting and educational interactive tour.  Image: KQ

Battlefields can provide a space for travelers to reflect on our nation’s past. Areas designated as battlefields are sacred grounds and serve as memorials to those who fell fighting for the causes they believed in. Click on the links below to learn more about the battlefields in the 41 counties of Freedom’s Frontier. Many of these sites provide more information on the smaller skirmishes and conflicts that occurred in the surrounding areas.

Lone Jack Battlefield Museum and Soldier’s Cemetery– Lone Jack, MO

Black Jack Battlefield & Nature Park – Wellsville, KS

Battle of Lexington State Historic Site – Lexington, MO

Battle of Island Mound State Historic Site– Butler, MO

Battle of Westport – Westport, MO

Baxter Springs – Baxter Springs, KS

Mine Creek Civil War Battlefield State Historic Site– Pleasanton, KS


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