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Symbols of Freedom and Strength

Since 1782, the bald eagle has been a national symbol of freedom and strength. During that same time period, however, the bald eagle suffered a decline due to loss of habitat, human encroachment, DDT and hunting. In 1978, the bald eagle was declared an endangered species.

Today, the bald eagle has recovered from its dramatic population lows of the 1960s and 70s. Kansas and Missouri are now leading bald eagle states, with each state attracting about 3,000 eagles each winter. Bald eagles usually arrive in the area in November or December and natural areas throughout Freedom’s Frontier host Eagle Days events in January. In February and March, eagles head north, returning to their nests.

While you cAGERM-00195645-001an go it alone to seek out views of bald eagles—prime viewing spots are along bodies of water—consider attending an Eagle Days event to catch a glimpse of the birds and learn more about this national symbol.

January 10 – 11 – Smithville Lake, Smithville, Missouri. 816-532-0174

January 17 – Milford Lake, Junction City, Kansas. 785-238-5323

January 24 – Lawrence Free State High School, Lawrence, Kansas.

January 24 – Wyandotte County Lake and January 25 – Schlagle Library, Kansas City, Kansas. 913-299-2384,

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